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Finding out that you or someone you love has or may have a brain tumour can be very difficult and anxiety provoking. It is natural to have many questions and to want to talk to the experts about your diagnosis and what the appropriate next steps may be regarding treatment.

Patients who meet with Dr. Zadeh are typically referred by a family physician and then are contacted by her clinic to book an appointment for a consultation. Dr. Zadeh is a highly skilled, award winning neurosurgeon and researcher who has dedicated her medical career to helping patients with brain tumours through medical care, surgery and when appropriate clinical trials.

Dr. Zadeh has a number of specialized clinics created to focus on the special needs each tumour type may have – depending on the type of tumour you have been diagnosed with you might need to be seen in one of the following specialized brain tumour clinics:

General Brain Tumor Clinic

Pituitary and Neuro-endocrine Clinic

Neurofibromatosis Clinic – Elizabeth Raab
Co-directors Dr. Vera Bril and Dr. Gelareh Zadeh

Brain Metastases Clinic

Skull Base Clinic

Low Grade Glioma Clinic

If you wish to request a referral as a physician or patient please email us at [email protected]

Most Common Symptoms of Brain Tumours

Symptoms can present themselves in many different ways and some in a startling fashion like:

Trouble with speech


Loss or changes in vision

Non-functioning Limbs

When these types of symptoms present themselves a diagnosis is usually made quickly. That being said there are symptoms that can be more gradual that may be passed off as other more minor conditions like:

  • Ongoing headaches
  • Feeling sick and vomiting
  • Personality changes, mood changes, excess fatigue, loss of interest in surroundings, etc.

A CT or CAT Scan

This CAT Scan machine is used to take x-rays of the brain and can be used to detect abnormalities like brain tumours.

MRI Scan

This MRI scanning machine uses magnetic radio waves to take pictures of the brain. MRI scans are more detailed than CT scans and usually are used to get more detail once and abnormality is identified.