Brain Tumour
Treatment Options

After a brain tumour diagnosis whether it be benign or malignant navigating your care can be overwhelming at first. Dr. Zadeh and her team will help you understand your diagnosis and talk you through any additional next steps and or tests that may be required to develop the most effective treatment plan for your type of tumour.

The three standard treatments for brain tumours are; Surgery, Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy. However sometimes depending on the type of tumour an observational approach is used to monitor changes in the tumour with a scheduled series of MRI’s and CT Scans.

Every treatment plan is different for each patient and depends on the type and grade of tumour that they have as to what approach will be recommended.


In many cases surgery is the first course of action that is pursued if the tumour is in an operable area. If surgery is not an option, then a biopsy may be ordered.

Radiation Therapy

This typically involves high levels of targeted radiation directly to the tumour. Radiation therapy typically lasts for six weeks and involves 30 sessions.

Chemotherapy Therapy

Chemotherapy is a type of medication that is used to stop and or slow down the growth of tumour cells. It can be given either orally and or intravenously. Some chemotherapy treatment plans are given and run concurrently with radiation therapy depending on type of tumour.

Brain Tumour Clinical Trials

We offer a number of clinical trials – both surgical and medical oncology clinical trials in collaboration with Pencer Brain Tumor at UHN.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial please contact Takyee Tung by email at [email protected] to learn more.